Altcoin Fantasy - Learn To Trade Crypto

Curious about crypto and crypto trading 🤔? Try Altcoin Fantasy’s FREE crypto trading simulator and feel the thrill of trading crypto🎢 without the risk 🙌. No experience is needed and players can win crypto prizes in our weekly fantasy crypto trading competitions.

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The Altcoin Fantasy app allows those new to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading to learn how to trade absolutely risk-free. Using real-time data, users can replicate trading on real exchanges using a fantasy portfolio to make their trades. For anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies but has been afraid to lose money, Altcoin Fantasy is the answer.

Altcoin Fantasy offers a free to use cryptocurrency trading simulator that allows users to practice trading as if they were trading on a real exchange. Altcoin Fantasy hosts free daily, weekly and monthly contests where users have the opportunity to learn and test their skills against other players worldwide. Each contest has different rules and themes, making it more interesting and fun for players as they try to win using different trading strategies for each contest.

  • Added ACF Rewards 🎁 and Bounties
  • Game token vouchers
  • Sends Out Daily Updates

  • Good Interface
  • Easy to Understand

  • App Opening Issue
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Reviewed May 13, 2019

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