On PicLife, users can create private photo albums that convert into conversational groups. Users can then add friends and family to join these groups allowing them the ability to engage with the photos, chat with each other, and keep their photos organized in one central convenient location.



Great moments always happen in a flash! PicLife is a brand new way to capture, collect and interact with the memories of a lifetime.

With PicLife, showcase memories you wouldn’t trust anywhere else.

PicLife is the photo app for the real you --> your friends love you the way you are, so be yourself and enjoy.

  • Create Private Albums
  • Share your Pics
  • Invite your Friends
  • Select Different Layout
  • Lightweight App
  • Working Smoothly in Low RAM

  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Private Photo Storage
  • Free App

  • Group Stories Not Available
  • No Duplicate Photo Checker
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Reviewed Feb 25, 2020

Operating System

Play Store Available

App Store Available


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